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Discover the Book - Mar. 19, 2010

  • 2010 Mar 19

God is Pro-Life: Citizens of Heaven Expose the Dark Evils of Abortion and Declare the Power of Christ's Forgiveness


Today, as citizens of Heaven, we have a duty God has given us to expose evil. But as we expose evil in our world we live in, we are also to declare Christ's power to liberate and forgive sinners.


The Long War Against Life


It was 36 years ago this week that America officially launched the longest running war of her history.


This war against the weakest and most helpless of our citizens has left over 50 million dead, and as many wounded.


This month another 70,000 will die, and an equal number will also be wounded.


All of those who die are less than 9 months old, and the vast majority of those who die are just 8 weeks old.


The wounded are all women, and amount to more than 1/3 of all the women in America. Of those wounded women: 17% were wounded in their teens, 50% were over age 25, and astoundingly 60% of those wounded were already mothers of one child when their next child was killed.


I am sure that you understand that I am speaking about the long war America and the world is waging against the unborn.


The deaths are the over 50 million lives crushed by abortion.


The wounded are the 70,000 mothers each week, adding up to an astounding 50+ million mothers wounded and infected with the guilt of sin that only Jesus Christ can remove who sought for what ever reason, to end the life of their child growing within them.


All this incredible carnage and destruction of human life by death and by guilt for the living, leads us to ask, in the fast eroding morals of our post-Christian society, drifting away from any Biblical moorings, what should be:


The Convictions of a Citizen of Heaven


If I were to apply the Scriptures as far as they relate to the current moral and political climate in 21st Century American society, I would say that the Lord has revealed His convictions very clearly in His Word as:


  • GOD is Pro-Life—God is absolutely opposed to Abortion and Euthanasia. He is the Creator and Sustainer of Life, and He is the One who grants conception.
  • GOD is Pro-MarriageGod is eternally opposed to Gay and Lesbian Unions, as well as divorce, adultery, fornication, pornography, and any other form of immorality.
  • GOD is Pro-Justice—God is constantly opposed to murder, violence, discrimination, prejudice, and any abuse of the weak, the poor, and the unborn; God is the One who invented and commanded capital punishment, and expects all societies to have a just legal system.
  • GOD is Pro-Work—God is equally opposed to indolence, sloth, entitlements, oppression of the poor by the rich, and every form of false hope produced by gambling and lotteries.


In Romans 13, God's call is for all believers to be subject to the human government they find themselves living under. We should be model citizen, subject and obedient to all laws unless they directly go against specific Scriptures God has commanded us to obey.


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