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Discover the Book - May 27, 2010

  • 2010 May 27

Global Anti-Semitism


Satan the Dragon has a fixation on destroying the people of the Name (Rev. 15).


God has written history, and put on paper that He is going to save a remnant of Israel at their final and most desperate hour (Zechariah 12-14).


Satan can read. He knows the written down parts of the plan, and for the past 2600 years since that plan and other parts were revealed, he has intensified his efforts to thwart God.


Satan wants to Thwart God's Plan


Have you ever wondered what Satan's priorities are, his obsession that he works on like a workaholic, day and night? The most powerful, dangerous, and intelligent being in the Universe, next to God, has quite a focused attack plan. Think back to what Satan has been doing.


  • In Eden's outer garden, he got the first son born on earth Cain, to kill his brother Seth, who was a true servant of God.
  • In Noah's day, he got a group of demons to interfere with humanity and corrupt the race so that only 8 humans were left who loved and served the Lord.
  • In Genesis 11, when God finally let His plan be seen by His choice of Abraham to be the Father of His Chosen People of Destiny, the Jews—Satan went into high gear.


God revealed the people He has chosen to be the human vehicle through which His Word, His Son, His Church, and finally His End of Days would unfold through. And so Satan had a target.


Anti-Semitism is as old as Genesis 11 when God called Abram over 4,000 years ago. Hatred of Jews is the heart of Satan, and all who share that hatred are doing Satan's plan.


So, as soon as possible after Genesis 11 (by chapter 16), Satan discouraged Abram, and incited him into fathering an heir God hadn't chosen, named Ishmael. Then Satan went on to try to corrupt Abraham, then Isaac, then Jacob.


By Exodus 1, while the chosen people of God were in Egypt, Satan tried to get the male children killed to stop the line of promise, when he couldn't and God powerfully delivered them, Satan got them so enslaved to immorality and idolatry that God was ready to destroy all of them but Moses (Exodus 32-34).


From Exodus 12 though I Samuel 8, and over the next 400 years from Joshua through Samuel were years of idols and evils that Satan sent to corrupt the Chosen People of Destiny.


From I Samuel 9 to the end of II Chronicle, covering the next 400 years from Saul to the Captivity, Satan made sure these were years of growing apostasy and finally God was so fed up with Israel He allowed them to be massacred and enslaved, and exiled from His land.


From the Exile years in the book of Esther, we see how in the next century the Satan almost got them exterminated by Haman in Persia. Then 400 years later, the Romans did a number on them in AD 70. Fast forward through 1900 years of persecution, slavery, oppression, and we find Hitler rounding up the Chosen People of Promise to do his Final Solution on them.


Actually none of those holocausts, and massacres were the ideas of Haman, Roman Emperors, Hitler, or Muslim terrorists. All those murderous, extinction desires flow from the most evil one of all. Satan wants to disrupt God's plan. He knows that God's plan is centered on the Chosen Jewish people of Promise. If Satan can destroy them, he has won.


God's plan is to bring back His Chosen People of Promise the Jews into the Land He gave them, and to see them come to faith, and then deliver them from the whole world under Satan's sway, seeking to finally destroy them all.


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