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Discover the Book - November 20, 2011

  • 2011 Nov 20


Learning Life Long Commitment

What I am about to say to you is common knowledge. In fact all of us who ever traveled on a highway have learned exactly what I am about to share. But to underline our text in your minds, I’ll remind you of an old truth most of us learn in High School.

This week I reverted back to my earlier life. At age 21 I took the Colorado Motor vehicle test and became an official Colorado school bus driver. I drove a big yellow bus around Boulder, Colorado for 3 weeks that summer. This past Monday I climbed aboard a 40 foot long diesel powered bus weighing 42,000 pounds and for 32 hours I guided it along 2000 miles of roads at an average speed of 92.11 FEET PER SECOND.

My bus was 100 ½ inches wide, the lanes of the roads were 144 inches – so I had a comfortable 21 ½ inches of space between me and either concrete walls or other steel vehicles flying alongside of my 21 ton bullet hurtling down the ribbon of road at 92.11 FEET PER SECOND.

Why the details of driving? Because the 42000 pound steel bullet traveling at 92 FPS is kept in that 21-½ inch tolerance corridor by a steering wheel. From the moment I start that bus rolling until after it is fully stopped – I am committed. What exactly does that mean?

·         When I hear a noise behind me I have just about ½ of a second to glance that way before my eyes fly back and get riveted again on the world spinning under my tires at blinding speeds. That’s Commitment!

·         When a small, sweet voice of one of the children at my side makes me reach over with one hand to hug them, but the other hand never leaves the wheel. That’s Commitment!

·         When my gracious and lovely wife slips to one knee beside me and says here is something for you to eat, I smile, put out my hand and try to take whatever she has brought me but always with one eye locked onto the road ahead of me and one hand firmly grasping the wheel. That’s Commitment!

·         Commitment causes me to find everything secondary to whatever I am committed to.Nothing is allowed to distract me, nothing is allowed to draw me away for more than one second before my eyes and mind and body get back to being riveted on the road ahead. That’s Commitment!

Now please follow along as I read Luke 9.57-62.

What is Jesus calling out and asking for in our text? Is it nothing less than what you and I do every time we drive? We listen, talk, eat, think, even take notes or go over our work – but always with a total focus upon the road ahead. Jesus asks us to focus our attention on His Call upon our lives.

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