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Discover the Book - October 24

  • 2020 Oct 24



The Glory of Heaven

When the Bible opens in Genesis we find ourselves transported back to the Garden of Eden, and see a place of perfection and beauty.  

When the Bible closes in Revelation 22 we are transported forward to the fringes of eternity and step out again into the very paradise or God, another Garden, again perfect and beautiful. 

Please join me in Eden for a few moments. To realize how glorious Heaven will be we need to go back and meet the 1st two humans on earth. We need to listen to the inspired, accurate and divine recounting of their experience in the Garden of Eden. 

Try to think with me of life as a perfect human and imagine what it was like in the dawn of creation. Your first memory would be waking up in God's garden, Eden. You would remember a comfortable world with no extremes of hot and cold, no storms, no disasters to fear. A secure home with no pestering bugs, no poisonous snakes, no deadly spiders. Just the continual beauty of fragrant and color filled flowering orchids hanging from the verdant green trees. Blooms that never fell off, never yellowed or wilted. Full, juicy fruit that just hung ripe on the branches but never fell off and rotted. 

Even more, you would remember when you had a body that never ached, a digestive system that never rebelled, and eyesight that needed no correction, ears that heard the sweet sounds of life all around. No pains, never a sorrow, not even a fear. No weariness, just peace filled living.  

In God's perfect Garden it was paradise living. Everyday was an adventure - new colors, new fragrances, new symmetry in flowers, butterflies and all the wonders of a perfect animal world. There were no predators, no scavengers, and no carnivores. Just placid and magnificent creatures reflecting the majesty of God. Around every corner of towering and graceful trees each perfectly planted by God - were flocks, herds and gatherings of exquisite living animals.  

Best of all your memories would be remembering the sweetness of the sound of the voice of the Lord. About supper time each day a gentle breeze would whisper by and then you would hear the voice of God. The Gardener and Planner of the Universe was walking amongst His creatures in the cool of the day. He was seeking fellowship with you His best friends whom He had made to look just like Him. And your ears that He created would hear the sweetest sound of all, the Voice of Jesus who created them! But then entered the bad guy to Paradise, The Dragon serpent Satan. But he is no more. God has sealed him with those who refused to stop following him in the Lake of Fire. But we who listened to and followed Jesus are here in the Garden of God. 

How unlike the 1st Adam is this last Adam. The Devil challenged the first man. The Last Man challenged the Devil. The Devil ruined the first Adam. The Last Adam spoiled the Devil. The First Adam involved the Race in his defeat. The Last Adam included the Race in His victory. The First Adam stood as the head of the race and falling dragged the race down with him. The Last Adam stood as the Head of the new race, and being victorious, lifted that race with Him. 

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