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Discover the Book - Oct. 25, 2007

  • 2007 Oct 25

Jesus, Humility, and John the Baptist

The Greatest Man

Conclusion Part 3 continued from October 24th


Pride Exposed continued

Pride makes me never quite content with my hair color, my skin color, my body weight, my physical condition, or my health. Pride will also makes me think my hair is better looking, my tan is better looking, my body is better looking than yours--or jealous if it’s not! 

Pride is when I get focused more on my skin than my heart, when I get focused more on my hair than my mind, when I get focused more on my clothes rather than being clothed with compassion and love, when I am more focused more on my car than serving Christ, and my house than on Heaven. 

Pride makes me resentful when corrected; hurt when disappointed; impatient when hindered; greedy when given choices (remember Lot); critical when speaking of rivals; jealous when seeing others advancing in any way; untruthful when confronted; and distant when slighted. 

Pride will make me exaggerate my accomplishments, possessions, and abilities while minimizing my faults, weaknesses, and deficiencies. 

Pride makes me unthankful for others sacrifices, services, or gifts. 

Pride makes me irritated at others, short with those I feel superior towards, and flattering towards those that can help me in some way. 

Pride makes me driven with me agenda, hurried with others needs, and impatient with life. 

Pride always makes me picky, finicky, touchy, choosey, nosey, and bossy.

Pride makes me jealous of the strength of youth, and disdainful of the weaknesses of the elderly and incapacitated. 

Pride makes me secretly rejoice in others catastrophes and sullenly endure my own. 

Pride makes me think that I am vital and irreplaceable, and my life is so important--that I will do all I can to save my life and not lose it.  

Pride makes me spiritually superficial, artificial, and critical. 

Pride makes me think much about my life and gaining as much as I can and little about my death and my face-to-face appointment I have with Christ when I explain just what I did with my life. 

Pride makes me prejudiced, bigoted, and calloused. 

Pride makes me:

  • Self-reliant
  • Self-absorbed
  • Self-deceived
  • Self-confident
  • Self-conscious
  • Self-sufficient
  • Self-satisfied
  • Self-focused
  • Self-centered, and
  • Self-driven 

Pride makes me unreliable (because you can’t tell me what to do and when); unloving (because I won’t sacrifice for you); unteachable (because you can’t correct me), and competitive (because I will always try to outdo you)! 

Pride makes me quick to speak and slow to hear; quick to anger and slow to forgive; quick to take and slow to give. 

Humble Yourself in the Sight of God 

Back to James 4:6 and 10. 

James 4:6, 10 But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.”10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up. 

What can happen if we humbled ourselves in the sight of God?  

There are several immediate results of a humbled life:

  • Humbled believers spend far less money (because so much spending is prompted by pride) then we are able to fund greater and greater kingdom work.
  •  Humbled believers trim their schedules of what doesn’t please God but just is selfish activity (prompted by our pride to keep up with everyone else) then we have more time for ministry because we’d do God’s work first and our pleasures second.
  •  Humbled believers find God's Word attracts them more than their hobbies and pursuits because they’ve stopped living for self.  

If we were humbled believers we’d go to more mission fields and less spas; we’d go to more prayer meetings and less shopping outlets.  

If we were humbled we kneel before God far more than we sat before our television; we’d communicate and lift our face to God more than we update our Face Book and My Space pages. 

Humility means I don’t have to be asked nicely, reminded, and recognized before I’ll serve Christ's church—rather I know that I am Christ's bondservant and I go around looking for ways to serve Him. 

Humility takes the attraction away from sports, the captivation away from finances, and the fascination away from media as God’s grace makes movies offensive to me—and God becomes more important than my entertainment. 

Sunday: end by standing and singing “Worthy is the Lamb” because only He is worthy of our devotion—not us. Our pride is fighting against His Lordship and His Glory. 

Then take 3 minutes to quietly humble ourselves before God.  

You can sit, stand, kneel, come to the steps of the platform, or lay face down. 

After 3 minutes I’ll start us singing “Worthy is the Lamb” to close. 

[1] Adapted from MacArthur, New Testament Commentary, Ephesians 4:2


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