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Discover the Book - Oct. 3, 2008

  • 2008 Oct 03

The Wonder of God’s Creation

God Created Animals That Filled the Earth (v. 24-25)

Dinos that range in size from the size of a chicken to 160,000 pound, 80 ton Brachiosaurus, are in 5 groups:

  • HORNED Triceratops and Stegosaurus
  • DUCKBILLED Anatosaurus 18 feet high with 2,000 teeth!
  • MEAT EATERS Tyrannosaurus Rex 20 feet high and 50 feet long.
  • SMALL Strut hiomimus [ostrich mimic] ate eggs small reptiles.
  • BIG PLANT EATERS Diplodocus [double beamed] 100 feet long; Brontosaurus >Apatosaurus 80 feet long, 40 tons; Brachiosaurus [biggest] 50 feet high, 80 feet long, 80 tons, nostrils atop dome of head!

THE GREAT DINOSAUR MYSTERY Evolution has a problem called The Great Dinosaur Mystery. Where did the great dinosaurs come from; how did they grow so big; and, if it is "survival of the fittest", why did these powerful creatures become extinct?

A creationist would answer, "no problem." God created the giant reptiles and may have referred to one or two of them which existed in Job's day (see Job 40:15 - 41:34).  Reptiles do not have a built-in growth inhibiting factor like other animals and man. The dinosaurs would have continued growing as long as they lived. The older they got, the bigger they grew. Reptiles function best, as cold-blooded animals, in warm temperature climates. God created large reptiles which kept growing in an efficient high pressure atmosphere with plenty of warmth and unlimited supplies of lush vegetation to eat and nothing to eat them. The Bible says, "And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is fife, I have given every green herb for meat. (Genesis 1:30)

A creationist might say that a stable body temperature in a giant cold-blooded reptile is consistent with the creationist view that the earth's temperature was uniformly warm in the tropical pre-Flood heaven and earth system number one. Creationists would expect to find "remarkable consistency of the oxygen isotopes in the dinosaur's bones. Apparently these evolutionistic researchers would rather pretend that cold-blooded reptiles were actually warm-blooded than to consider the pre-Flood pole-to-pole greenhouse warm condition of earth (6,000 years ago, not 70 million years ago) as presented by the creationist model.

The giant flying reptiles such as the pterosaurs (pterodactyls and pteranodons) would be unable to fly in our present atmosphere. They needed a heavier atmosphere to get enough air to lift them with their 40 to 50-foot wingspans. Heaven and earth system #1 would have provided the heavier atmospheric pressure necessary for the flight of these huge creatures. Evolutionists say we don't know how these giant reptiles could have flown in our atmosphere. To a creationist, this is not a problem. Heaven and earth system #1, before the water canopy came down at the flood of Noah's day, would have provided the air density needed for these huge creatures to fly. In order to protect their jobs the evolutionists dare not even suggest the global flood of Noah's day as part of the solution to their problems, and yet the Flood supplies the explanation for what we "see".

We even read in our older history books about ancient cultures which taught a global flood. Gigantism was common in the heavy pre-flood atmosphere. Fossil dragonflies with a 32-inch wingspan have been discovered and would be a frightful bug to hit your windshield! The hornless rhinoceros grew to about "seventeen feet high and nearly 30 feet long!"

Dinosaurs lived alongside people as Job testifies as well as "caveman” drawings. And God created them all!


Among the incredible diversity of members in the insect world none are more pointing to their Creator than the bees. Born of a set of parents that possess none of the features or skills they will use. Yet from day one the worker bee serves its Queen with absolute skills. Never learned, never forgotten, innate and created by God. The worker bee sweats wax. As that vital substance is produced the worker slices, trims and fastens it into the honeycomb renowned for its perfectly engineered strength and utility. Where did it get wax generators, wax cutters, trimmers and a trowel to lay each piece in the right spot? From the God who made “every winged creature”!

FISH with the perfect body shape to sail through its environment, and protective equipment that exactly meet its every need fish live in seeming effortless motion. Distilling from the water its needed oxygen, fitted with eyes that rotate to look ahead, under and behind, with the hi-tech gear it needs to navigate across trackless expanses of water, harvest and multiply. Fish are amazing reflections of an All Wise Creator. Take the scales that are like armor on the exterior edge and yet feather to perfect mesh that is so water tight, no current of water is so swift, no jet of water so powerful that it could ever get past the seams of this aquatic raincoat? Why, God designed the scales to mesh so perfectly, there are no seams to leak. They become a solid wall of individual scales.


v. 20 ( sharats = lit. “breed abundantly”) are the champions of obeying God's order to multiply. Maturing at 12 hours old, these animals can reproduce at the rate of 60 young every 12 hours for the duration of their life time. If one protozoan were to live for a year and reproduce at this rate the total would be more than all the particles in the universe which is 10 to the 130th. Thankfully they don’t multiply at that speed at all times. But only an inspired Moses taking the words from the Creator could describe them so perfectly.

BIRDS what a wonder. Can I describe just one? The Pacific Coastal ouzel only lives in those white rapids on Pacific Mountain streams. Studied and found to be the most buoyant of all ornithological family members (birds), they build their nests under waterfalls. Living life floating above (not 1/3 into the water like ducks), these birds defy all laws of nature. In an instant they can plummet to the depths of the stream like a lead sinker and WALK on the stream bed. After filling their beaks with all they can hold, they walk up onto the bank, swallow, and immediately revert to floating like smoke atop the water. How do they do it? God gave them a muscular system that can instantly exhaust al air from their bodies to let them sink. The same system inflates them just as fast!

Dinosaurs were positively a part of those beasts God created. They exhibit a powerful testimony to the Majesty and Power of God.



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