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Discover the Book - October 27, 2011

  • 2011 Oct 27


The Key to Scripture

Jesus gave us a vital piece of inside information as we try to exploit the riches of God's Word, that information is that He is the one unifying theme that runs through each testament, every book, every chapter, and every verse of the Book. According to Luke 24:27, 44–45 Christ is found in “all the Scriptures.” It is Christ in ALL the Scriptures.

If you want to understand the Bible, become a Christ tracker, one who sights and marks the trail for finding Him from cover to cover. That is what we are doing today as we continue this quest to get a strategic grasp on the Bible. We are finding Christ in Exodus.


Exodus 33:17He is the One greater than the deliverer, Moses – He is Christ in ALL the Scriptures! In Exodus we find Christ:

  1. The Voice in the Burning Bush (3.1-6)
  2. The Passover Lamb of God (12.1-28)
  3. The Unleavened Bread (13.3-10)
  4. The Rock/Pillar of Cloud and Fire leading them(13.21-22)
  5. The Red Sea Crossing (14.1-31)

      6.  The Manna from Heaven (16.1-36)

      7.  The Source of Living Water (17.1-7)

We can see Pictures of Christ in every section of Exodus.

Pictures of Christ: The Burning Bush (3:1-6)

Pictures of Christ: The Passover (12:1-28)


The unleavened bread in the New Testament is, of course, the body of our Lord.

·         He is described as “the Bread of Life”. He was born in Bethlehem, in Hebrew “House of Bread”.

·         God fed the Israelites in the wilderness with manna from heaven, and He feeds the Christians in the world on the Bread of Life.

·         The very piece of bread used by the Jews during this week if Unleavened Bread is a good picture of our Lord. Anyone who has seen the Jewish matzoh sees that it is striped (“By His stripes are we healed”), pierced (“They shall look upon me whom they’ve pierced”), and, of course, pure, without any leaven, as His body was without any sin.

·         The Passover ceremony of breaking and burying and then resurrecting a piece of this bread (the middle piece, as the Son in the Trinity) very obviously presents the Gospel in the midst of the modern Jewish Passover celebration. God performed this exact ceremony with the burial of Jesus, our precious piece of unleavened bread, and more importantly, He performed it on the exact day of the feast.

·         We readily see from the Gospel that Jesus was buried at the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread since His body was interred at sundown of Passover Day, the beginning of the fifteenth of Nisan, the first month.

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