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Discover the Book - October 9, 2011

  • 2011 Oct 09


Praying Like Elijah Did

Elijah was an incredible man, so much so that many Christians are inclined to look upon him as a kind of spiritual superhero.

ü  He was called, chosen and used by God.
ü  He lived a very full and fruitful life of ministry for God;
ü  When his ministry was ended, God personally sent a special Heavenly escort to take him home to heaven without his dying.
ü  About  800 years later, God sent Elijah back to earth to visit the Lord Jesus Christ on a mountain.
ü  In the future some interpretations of prophecy, see Elijah on earth for a short time just prior to the Second Coming of Christ.
ü  Elijah is often set apart from ordi­nary servants of the Lord. That is wrong. In the Book of James we read: "Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are" (5:17). He was, after all, a human being like the rest of us. He had emotions and problems; he experienced the same ups and downs in his life that all of us face. The Amplified Bible says, "Elijah was a human being with a nature such as we have."

Elijah’s Prayer life portrays trusting God's word: (18:41) “Then Elijah said to Ahab, “Go up, eat and drink; for there is the sound of abundance of rain.”

ü  1 Kings 17:1 And Elijah the Tishbite, of the inhabitants of Gilead, said to Ahab, “As the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word.”
ü  1 Kings 18:15 Then Elijah said, “As the Lord of hosts lives, before whom I stand, I will surely present myself to him today.”
ü  1 Kings 18:24 “Then you call on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the Lord; and the God who answers by fire, He is God.” So all the people answered and said, “It is well spoken.”

He sure was confident, wasn’t he? Elijah prayed in faith, for God told him He would send the rain (1 Kings 18:1).

Elijah’s Prayer life portrays separating from the crowd: (18:42a) “And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel”

Elijah’s Prayer life portrays humbling before god: (18:42b) “then he bowed down on the ground

Elijah’s Prayer life portrays seeking earnestly: (18:42c) “and put his face between his knees

Elijah’s Prayer life portrays watching for God's answer: (18:43) “

and said to his servant, “Go up now, look toward the sea.” So he went up and looked, and said, “There is nothing.” And seven times he said, “Go again.”

Elijah’s Prayer life portrays seeing God's answer: (18:44-46) “Then it came to pass the seventh time, that he said, “There is a cloud, as small as a man’s hand, rising out of the sea!” So he said, “Go up, say to Ahab, ‘Prepare your chariot, and go down before the rain stops you.’ ”45 Now it happened in the meantime that the sky became black with clouds and wind, and there was a heavy rain. So Ahab rode away and went to Jezreel.46 Then the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah; and he girded up his loins and ran ahead of Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.”

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