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Discover the Book - Sept. 29, 2009

  • 2009 Sep 29

Living Wisely in a Foolish World


Titus 2 is all about discipleship—learning to live the way God wants us to live. Men and women who seek out being mentored by godly examples within the church.


Discipleship is all about following our Master Jesus Christ and learning to live by the wisdom of His Word. When Jesus called His first disciples the plan was to spend time together with Him (Mark 3:14) and learn from Him. Christ called those men to obey, follow, and learn from Him. At the end of His earthly ministry Jesus met with those disciples and told them to spend the rest of their days going into all the world and teaching those who want to follow and obey Christ, how to be learners or disciples all their days (Matthew 28:19-20). We call that the Great Commission.


Paul identified behavior that follows a proper understanding of God (or "sound Doctrine"). When Paul gave these clear objectives for Titus as he taught the older men, it was to show them how to "adorn the doctrine of God". Their lives, if reflecting these qualities, would become a strong advertisement for God in a ‘crooked and perverse' world.


When Paul gave Titus the curriculum for Christ's church he said train men that are:


1.      Temperate in an intemperate world.

·        This describes an attitude of mind that leads to prudence and self-control in life. It is the opposite of frivolity and carelessness that are based on ignorance.

·        Seriousness of life and purpose are important in the Christian life, and especially to older saints who cannot afford to waste time, for they begin to realize that their time is short.

·        This word describes wise living and thinking that has self-control, good judgment, discretion, common sense, sound-minded, discreet, and sensible, and able to keep an objective perspective in the face of problems and disagreements.  Such wisdom tempers pride, authoritarianism, and self-justification.

2.      Sane in an insane world.

·        He says that we must be steady in mind. We might render it: "Preserve your sanity.".

·        The great characteristic of temperate wisdom is that it sees things in their proper proportions; it sees what things are important and what are not. When men view their life from the perspective of eternity, then God is given His proper place, and everything else settles into its proper place.

3.      Sensible in a senseless world.

·        These men slowly learn the discernment, discretion, and judgment that only come from walking with God for many years. They slowly learn to control their physical passions, to reject worldly standards, and to resist worldly attractions.


And what does God's wisdom, when followed by His obedient Titus 2 grace-energized disciples look like?


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