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Questions - Every Man Ministries - September 8

  • 2020 Sep 08


“Instead of claiming to know what God says, ask questions of one another, such as ‘How do we understand God in this?’ - Jeremiah 23:35

Mohamed Atta is very familiar to all of us regarding 9/11. His infamy will be historical not nearly as death dealing as Hitler but all the same he ended up totally controlled by the evil one.

Let’s look at some of the things that have been uncovered about his past. He lacked strong identity. He had no sense of self—He had lack of purpose: He was searching for significance—Lack of belonging: He was isolated relationally—Lack of influence: he was potentially more than what he had become—Lack of adventure: He was bored—Lack of transcendence: He was unconnected to the eternal.

Ask yourself a few questions: Is your identity strong enough for complete surrender?  Are you undivided between what you believe and how you actually live and think?  Are you meaningfully connected to other men, feeling shared convictions and a strong direction? Do you believe you are a man of influence with a chance to be great in some way? Are you bored with your life, wife, family, or career and feeling stuck?  Are you investing your life in something that transcends yourself?  Are you living your life with intention, direction, and motivation?  All these questions speak to your vulnerability to outside control by the forces of evil. Without clear answers to questions of identity, purpose, and life investment, we are susceptible to suggestion, direction and other foreign ideas that capable men like you have swallowed repeatedly through the ages.

Father, you have given me a strong trust in the Holy Spirit who lives withinme and strengthens me.

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