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The Flesh - Every Man Ministries - October 14

  • 2020 Oct 14

The Flesh

“I have come that you have life and that you have it abundantly” - John 10:10
Being preoccupied with the force of the Holy Spirit within is God's man’s strongest motivation in overcoming what the Bible tells us is, the world — the flesh — the devil. Without the preoccupation and concentration of this amazing gift that Jesus gave every one of his children as he physically left this world, we will not experience the victorious life He has promised. God’s will is not that we are victims but that we are victorious.
We have all heard the illustration of the coach telling his pitcher, “whatever you do don’t give him one high and inside.” We usually do what we hear in our mind. The mind that God has given us is an amazing instrument. We have been given the gift of choice which controls our mind but there are also those times when we are out there in la la land so to speak. The abundant life is evidenced by a man who is secure. Security happens on purpose, we don’t drift into security. If we consciously make the wrong choices, or let our mind drift we lose the security and confidence that God promises his children. His love for us demands that we war against the world, the flesh and the devil. How do we do this? By being preoccupied with the gift God has given us, His Holy Spirit. Our coach says, “Whatever you do be preoccupied with my gift, the Holy Spirit.”
Father, where do I begin to thank you, you truly are AWESOME!

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