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God with you in this moment - Experiencing LIFE Today - December 23, 2018

  • 2018 Dec 23

This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone. — Taylor Caldwell

Christmas songs tell us this is “The hap-happiest time of the year! With much mistletoeing and hearts that are glowing when loved ones are near!” etc. Psychologists, on the other hand, tell us that it’s also “The lone-loneliest time of the year, with many hearts hurting and souls that are yearning when alone and in fear.”  

Yeah, it can be a hard season, but God speaks into that lonely void with a promise, the same promise He gave Mary nine months before the first Christmas:  

The virgin’s name was Mary. And the angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored, the Lord is with you.” (Luke 1:27-28)

“The Lord is with you.” This is a direct quote from another angelic visit to Gideon during a horrible time for the Israelites. They were trying to make an honest living, but every time they planted crops, the Midianites and Amalekites attacked “like swarms of locusts.” They were living on a playground surrounded by bullies, and God didn’t seem to be doing anything about it—but He was. God was unfolding a plan that came with a promise:

When the angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon, he said, “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.” (Judges 6:12)

Our challenges are probably very different than Mary and Gideon’s, but the message of Christmas—the truth about Immanuel—is the same promise that holds true for us today: We are never alone. You see, what God promises is His presence and when we receive the presence of God  He takes us from having nothing to having everything that we need.  

Lord, I praise You for this promise of Your presence right here, right now. In the midst of the holiday chaos, I ask that You will calm my heart with the true peace that comes only through Immanuel—You with me in this moment. Amen.

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