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Grace Moments Devotions - April 6, 2019

  • 2019 Apr 06

April 6
Think ahead
Pastor Mark Jeske

One of the hardest and yet most important skills for parents to teach their children is the ability to think ahead, to delay gratification, to save money, to think before speaking, to do the hard jobs first, to put work before pleasure. In a small mind, there is no tomorrow. There is only now. Now. NOW!

Jesus had some very important words for his disciples and for us, words that urge us to lift up our eyes from the ground and look ahead, because sometimes our minds are small too: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). Materialism is a common disease—we chase what we can see, what brings us comfort, what brings us pleasures, what brings us recognition. If your chief treasures are earthly, your heart will be earthbound too, and you will be totally unprepared to be forced to let go of everything on your deathbed.

Jesus invites his disciples to make their money and property decisions with a long-term view—how will my asset management look from a heavenly perspective? What kind of life am I trying to build? What will I be proud of as I sit in my nursing home? What would I be ashamed to show Jesus about my life decisions?

Here’s what will bring the most satisfaction: people first. A generous hand. A grateful heart. And a mind completely convinced that the Lord in heaven will more than compensate us for every sacrifice on earth.

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