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Grace Moments Devotions - December 9, 2018

  • 2018 Dec 09

December 9
God, how long?
Pastor Mark Jeske

One of the best things about living in this century is the speed. I love the speed! I can get to any major city in America in a couple hours on a plane, journeys that used to take months of hard travel. I can send electronic messages anywhere on the planet instantaneously. I can video conference with anybody on earth that has the right equipment. I can send and receive pictures and video in seconds. I love how businesses cater to me, trying to get my attention and money through quick solutions to all my needs and wants.

One of the worst things about living in this century is the speed. I’m losing my ability to be patient. Years of experiencing immediate gratification make me fidget and complain when I don’t get what I want right away. I’m embarrassed to say that this spills over into my spiritual life as well. When God doesn’t jump to my wishes like an eager salesclerk, I get some attitude. King David did too: “How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?” (Psalm 13:1).

How long indeed. We operate on the assumption that we pretty much know everything, and we can’t imagine any reason why we should have to limp when God could so easily make us run. Why should I have to wait when I’m such a busy person? I’ve got things to do—can’t God see that?

Please, Lord—teach me why patience is so important to you.

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