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Grace Moments Devotions - January 22

  • 2018 Jan 22

January 22
I am so broke
Pastor Mark Jeske

Billie Holiday got it cold: “Money, you’ve got lots of friends they’re crowding around your door; but when you’re gone and spending ends they don’t come no more.” Do you know the fear, the shame, the panic of being broke, or worse, of being over your head in debt? Have you ever encountered the repo man, a collection agency, bankruptcy, foreclosure, eviction?

God has a special place in his heart for the small and poor of the earth. Ironically, in this world, the poorer you are the less likely you will ever have access to a government leader. In God’s world, wealth often makes people think they don’t need God, and it is the poor who enjoy his smile. “Do not let the oppressed retreat in disgrace; may the poor and needy praise your name” (Psalm 74:21).

You will never be in a hole so deep that the eyes of the Lord can’t see you, the reassuring voice of the Lord can’t reach you, and the long arms of the Lord can’t rescue you. You are never without resources if you are with the Lord. Call him up and tell him what you need.

And then pay attention to the people he sends. Social capital is capital too. God’s solutions come sometimes in the form of cash but probably more often in the form of ideas, relationships, and opportunities.

When help comes, don’t forget to say thank you.

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