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Grace Moments Devotions - March 18, 2018

  • 2018 Mar 18

Parable redux: The sower
Jason Nelson

From Matthew 13—A farmer who was into organic growth went out to plant seed in a rugged land. He wasn’t very careful about it. He never tested the soil to see if it was right for the seed. He just scattered it everywhere. For him it was about the abundance of the seed, not the worthiness of the soil. He thought if he could get lots of it around, it would grow the way it was supposed to.

Some places the seed never had a chance to germinate, and some places it grew quickly but then got some kind of blight. He was sad about that. Other places his seed grew, but so did noxious weeds. He didn’t want to eradicate the weeds because that could also be toxic to his tender plants. He decided to let them grow together and sort it out at the end of the growing season. Other places his plants grew nicely, and there was a bumper crop.

Later, he taught an extension course for future sowers. His students asked why he planted the way he did. It seemed unconventional. He explained what he knew about soil types and the seed. He said in this land you can’t always see where the good soil is or predict growing conditions. So it’s best to scatter lots of seed.

The new sowers looked at each other knowingly and went out to scatter seed.

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