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Grace Moments Devotions - October 6, 2017

  • 2017 Oct 06

October 6

Don’t argue with God

Ask parents to list a few things that make parenting miserable, and near the top of the list will be “lip.” My father used to call it “back talk.”

In the story of the rich man and poor Lazarus, Jesus tells us that the rich man tried to do some arguing. “‘No, father Abraham,’ [the rich man]said, ‘but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent’” (Luke 16:30).

How often have you argued with God? How often have you chafed at his narrow way? Maybe you think your suffering has gone on long enough. Maybe you have had enough of hardship and are ready for some pleasure. Maybe you’ve had enough of the wonderful discipline of poverty and are ready for the challenges of wealth for a change. “No, father Abraham!”

Maybe you flinch at having to confess that you are “a poor, miserable sinner.” Maybe you don’t like Jesus’ claim to be the exclusive way to God, which implies that Islam and Hinduism and Zen and Scientology are spiritual dead ends. “No, father Abraham!”

Maybe you’re weary of being single and are intrigued by the thrill of taking the shortcut to having someone to sleep with. Maybe you’re weary of a marriage that has become hard and unfulfilling and figure you deserve better. “No, father Abraham!”

God’s heart is full of love, his mind has laid out great plans, and his Word tells you the truth. Don’t argue with him. Practice with me: “Speak, Lord—your servant is listening.”

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