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Because He lives....

  • 2021 May 17

The best news is that he lives in you!

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Because I live, you also will live.” John 14:19

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Most of you are familiar with the song, Because He Lives. Bill and Gloria Gaither wrote this song at the end of the 60’s, a decade that has been described as the best of times, and the worst of times. We put a man on the moon and and started the process of tearing down the walls of segregation. But, it was also a decade marked by political unrest, cynicism, drugs, war and assassination. A decade that spread the theory “God is dead” like wildfire.

The Gaithers were expecting their third child, and the thought of bring a baby into the craziness of the world overwhelmed them. But something happened. The living God calmed Gloria’s heart. As she said in an interview, “the future would be just fine, left in God’s hands.”

It was out of this experience that wrote this famous song.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
 Because He lives, all fear is gone,
 Because I know He holds the future,
 And life is worth the living, just because He lives.

Our world today is filled with uncertainties. Terrorism threatens our safety. The culture continues its steady decline. Racial tensions are on edge. Opiate use is on the rise. The economy teeters on the brink of collapse. Couple these uncertainties with your personal struggles, life can feel overwhelming and hopeless.

But regardless of the fearful circumstances, this one truth trumps them all—He lives!

Jesus Christ is alive and he is bigger than any circumstance life brings your way. And here is the good news. He lives in you. In times of trouble and uncertainty, you have the certainty of Jesus to uphold and strengthen you. You can face today and tomorrow without fear simply because he lives.

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You can face the future with great hope and great confidence simply because Jesus is alive. Thank him today that he is alive and that he lives in you.

In Him,


Bob Christopher

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