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In Touch 02-09-05

  • 2005 Feb 09

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley


Wednesday February 9, 2005
Practicing Biblical Meditation
Psalm 119:9-16

When we faithfully practice biblical meditation, we will discover that the Holy Spirit has been busy transforming our thinking, emotions and actions so that we will be more pleasing to God. (Psalm 1:2-3) That is good news!

Godly meditation has seven essential requirements. First, we must start by setting aside time. We need time to "tune" our hearts and minds to His, to ponder His words, and to receive the Spirit's help in translating God's instructions for our particular situation. Second, we need stillness. We must stop our activities in order to sit quietly before the Lord and focus in on Him. We may choose to read Scripture or listen to music to help us gain that focus. But at some point, we must center our minds on God alone. Seclusion - being by ourselves - is also a requirement. Jesus modeled this for us. (Mark 1:35) Silence, or ceasing our side of the conversation, is another aspect of meditation. Hearing from God is far more important than our speaking.

To spend time with God in stillness, seclusion, and silence requires self-control. We also need self-control to set aside distractions and quiet our spirits. Another key element is sensitivity to what God is saying to us. Our receptivity will increase over time as we make a habit of meditating. Finally, we need a submissive spirit. God will reveal much to the one who has submitted to His authority before receiving an answer.

As we develop a deep, abiding hunger to embrace God's ways, we will increasingly find these steps easy to follow.


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