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In Touch 02-22-05

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley


Tuesday February 22, 2005
Humility in the Life of the Believer
Matthew 11:28-30

Jesus lived his earthly days with a humble spirit, and He taught us to demonstrate humility as well. In the kingdom of God, those who become like little children are honored (Matthew 18:4); the one who wants to be first must take last place (Mark 9:35); and servanthood is a mark of prominence in God's eyes. (Matthew 23:11) With His teachings, Jesus turned the world's definition of greatness upside down. In heaven, meekness is an attribute of great honor.

Humility does not automatically come to those who have few material belongings or to those who give their possessions away. The rich can be unassuming people, just as the poor can be proud. Success does not have to lead to pride, nor does defeat automatically mean humbleness. What determines humility is attitude. Jesus promises that those who humble themselves on earth will be exalted by their heavenly Father. However, He warns that those who put themselves first will find themselves opposed by God. (James 4:6)

As we recognize that we can do nothing of value apart from the Lord, we will have started on the road to meekness. When we lay down all our plans and instead accept God's, we will be leaving behind our proud selves. If we are misunderstood or treated unfairly, but stay where we are until God tells us to speak or move, then we will have begun to live the humble life of our Savior.

Jesus offers to be our Master Teacher so we might learn the godly lessons of humility. Will you let Him serve you in this way?


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