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In Touch 02-28-05

  • 2005 Feb 28

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley


Monday February 28, 2005
Developing a Spirit of Humility
1 Timothy 1:13

Some people have the idea that thinking badly of themselves is a sign of humility. But Paul is a beautiful example of how we are to approach God. He does not berate himself and tell God how vile and sinful He is. Instead, Paul talks repeatedly with a spirit of humility about the grace of God. There are seven things we can do to allow God to develop such humble spirit in our life.

If we are to pursue humility, it is necessary that we die to self. We must refuse to put ourselves first and instead ask God what is His will in that situation. We should be devoted to others. God wants us to give ourselves to other people because He has made us reservoirs of His truth, something those around us greatly need. And when God blesses other people, we are to delight ourselves in the good things that come to them. (Romans 12:15)

For ourselves, we must wholly depend on God. If we want to live with genuine humility, we must rely on Him in every circumstance. The Lord has many good things in store for us. When we direct our thoughts continually to His grace and goodness, our confidence in Him will grow. It is also important that we distance ourselves from things that appeal to our pride, such as wealth, prestige, applause, or certain relationships - the list is different for every person. Finally, we must determine to obey God regardless of the earthly consequences. When you humble yourself before Him, you can mark that day as the beginning of the best part of your life.


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