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In Touch 03-02-05

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Wednesday March 2, 2005

Receiving Humility's Reward

Luke 14:7-11

God promises to exalt His children who live humbly, but we often look at our circumstances - finances, job situation, or lack of material things - and question this pledge. It's important to see things from God's perspective rather than from the world's. While the Lord may choose to give us material blessings, these benefits are hardly comparable to the greater rewards He longs to give us, like a greater understanding of who He is, or prayers answered beyond all imagination. God delights to draw us closer and empower us to serve Him in ways that exceed our abilities.

Certain attitudes keep us from receiving the rewards God has promised to those who commit themselves to His way: Impatience  - We want it now and are unwilling to trust that God is in control. Insecurity - We feel that if certain things don't happen, we simply cannot continue.

Identity in the wrong things - We feel good about ourselves only if we're a "success" by society's standards. Ignorance of God's ways - We disregard His Word and decide for ourselves what's right. Impulsiveness - Without asking God first, we regard every seeming opportunity as a door He has opened. Ingratitude - Lack of thankfulness for what God has already given us skews our perspective.

Impure motives - Because of discontent or jealousy, we push ahead of God and use manipulation to get what we want.

Humility doesn't come naturally. It requires deliberate, ongoing effort to remain in God's presence so that we see can how worthy He is of our total submission. Begin this day by "bowing" your heart before God and surrendering everything. Then wait patiently for His promised blessing.


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