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In Touch 03-19-05

  • 2005 Mar 19

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday March 19, 2005

God's Wisdom and His Love

1 John 4:7-10

Last weekend, we saw that because of God's mercy, He did not give us the punishment our sin deserved. Instead He satisfied His justice through the sacrifice of His blameless Son Jesus Christ. This weekend, we will see that His wisdom is another facet of His love.

The Cross separates Christianity from every other religion in the world. All other forms of belief require people to become acceptable to their god by means of behavior - they must perform intense labor, undergo self-denial, or observe specific rituals. But God knew that man would sin against Him and thereby fail to earn a place in heaven. Consequently, in His wisdom, God chose to rescue us, transform our life, and give us a new beginning based solely on His love. The believer is accepted, not because of anything he does to earn divine approval, but because God loves His creation.

Christians do not have to plead for acceptance. Instead, we acknowledge our sin against the one true God. And we acknowledge the fact that Jesus Christ is His only begotten Son, who went to the cross to die in our place and pay our sin-debt in full.

After this life has ended, all people will have to give account for their life. (Romans 14:10-12) There will be no condemnation for those who have received Jesus Christ, because He has paid their sin-debt in full. But for anyone who has chosen to reject the Savior, the dreadful consequence of that decision is eternal separation from God. Have you decided to follow the wisdom of God or the false wisdom of the world?


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