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In Touch 05-07-04

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday, May 7
InTouch Early Light Devotional

Lessons My Mother Taught Me
2 Timothy 1:1-6

In the second letter to Timothy, we find mention of a mother named Eunice. She had such an impact on her son that the apostle Paul chose him as a companion and co-worker to evangelize the world of his day. Although married to a pagan, Eunice had so profound a godly influence on Timothy that he became a reliable evangelist and an effective pastor. In the last letter that Paul ever wrote, he attempted to encourage Timothy by exhorting him to hold fast to the godly legacy left by his mother.

In a similar fashion, my own mother left a godly imprint on my life. She taught me both the love and the judgment of God. As the authority in my young life, she would tell me that if I didn't learn to obey her, I wouldn't learn to obey God. Thanks to her, I also discovered that discipline follows disobedience. When I disobeyed, I had to answer for it with a switching. I got a lot of them and I deserved each one - but I'm grateful for every spanking because they taught me to obey God.

At the same time, Mother was a great encourager. She never said anything that would strike against my self-esteem. Even though I was a slow learner in my early days, Mother always supported me in my school work. Throughout my life, she was constantly telling me she loved me. Her smile, her voice, her hugs - even the very sight of her - made me know that this woman loved me with all her heart.

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