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In Touch 05-15-04

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday, May 15
InTouch Early Light Devotional

Momentary Pleasure
Genesis 25:28-34

Sometimes a bad decision can cause us to sacrifice our entire future for the pleasure of a given moment. At the time, it may seem like the right thing. But when it's too late, we look back and wish our decision had been wiser.

Esau sacrificed his birthright - wealth and inheritance, position and prominence, power and the right to reign over the entire family - for a bowl of stew. He could have prepared something else to eat. But he wanted what he wanted, and he wanted it now.

Is there a "bowl of stew" in your life - something you want badly, that's right in front of you, there for the taking? Right now, it may seem reasonable to disregard the most valuable things in your life in favor of something with little or no value.

We sacrifice our future for the moment when we are ruled by fleshly appetites rather than by the Holy Spirit. Appetites are God-given, but they are meant to be controlled. We've grown up as a generation of individuals who have seen that we can have it now. We can have almost anything in life if we're willing to pay the price.

That's what caused Esau to lose his future. He wanted to gratify his appetite immediately, and at the time, he was willing to pay the price.

We sacrifice our future for the present when we focus on the temporary instead of the eternal. What are you tampering with right now that could cost you your future? Is it worth it? Ask God to help you see your situation from His perspective.

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