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In Touch 09-24-04

  • 2004 Sep 24

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday September 24, 2004
InTouch Early Light Devotional

The Danger of an Evil, Unbelieving Heart
Hebrews 3:7-19, 4:1

The Bible has a lot to say about the peril of an unbelieving heart. Unfortunately, this condition characterizes not just the lost, but many believers as well. All through the Old Testament, we see the painful record of ancient Israel plunging into unbelief with frightful regularity. It's amazing how quick they were to forget the miraculous marvels by which God delivered them from Egypt. An evil heart of unbelief will readily overlook the manifold blessings of milk and honey and turn back to the leeks and onions of Egypt. (Numbers 11:5)

We need to realize that unbelief is not just an inconvenient spiritual hazard but a poisonous root of all kinds of evil. It is a blasphemy that strikes at the very character of God, accusing Him of being untrue, unfaithful, and unreliable. This hideous cancer gnaws at our spiritual health and must be resisted at all costs. Fortunately, the Scriptures show us how to overcome it. One strategy is described in Hebrews 10, where we are told to encourage one another day after day. (verses 24-25) The picture is of an athlete competing in a footrace while a companion runs alongside, spurring him on to victory. This illustrates how the Holy Spirit operates with believers and wants us to treat each other.

What brings triumph in life? Knowing God and staying focused on Him are the key to success. Therefore, encourage believers - including yourself - to stay in the Word and to keep focused on Christ. A growing, intimate relationship with the Lord will keep your heart believing and tender toward Him.


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