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In Touch 1-3-05

  • 2005 Jan 03

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley


January 3, 2005

The Landmine of Pride

Daniel 4:27-30


A landmine is a device that is designed to maim or destroy whoever triggers it. It is a hidden danger. By the time you discover a landmine, it is often too late. This is as true in our spiritual life as it is in the physical world. Satan lays landmines in the path of the believer; it is important that we learn to detect them in order to protect our relationship with the Father.


Of all the landmines we may experience, pride is the most misleading. We are quick to deny that we place emphasis on ourselves, especially since pride is usually a cover-up for feelings of inadequacy. It is frequently the case that a proud person is trying to gather enough attention to fill personal emptiness.


Like other landmines, pride has undesirable consequences. One major problem is that it hinders our relationship with God. Proverbs 16:5 says “Everyone who is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord.” God reserves harsh words for pride because He knows this attitude is a stumbling block to believers. We cannot serve Him if we are serving our own need for adulation. When God is pushed out of our lives, we make foolish mistakes. The work of the Holy Spirit is shut down in our lives, and we trust in our own wisdom instead of looking for godly counsel.


As the children of God, we are His servants, and there is no place for pride in our lives. When we do well and are successful, it is not a cause for self-importance. Instead, we are to be grateful to God for his gifts and blessings. (James 1:17)


On Jan. 2, 2005, Dr. Stanley begins a ten-week series entitled “Landmines in the Pathway of the Believer” that identifies and helps you disarm the spiritual landmines in your life. For more information, including television listings and airtimes, visit 


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