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In Touch 10-14-04

  • 2004 Oct 14

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Thursday October 14, 2004
The Pathway of Faith
Genesis 12:10-20

God's plan for our life often involves different timing than we would choose. I picture the pathway of faith as a highway with two signs on it. The first one says, "Slow down"; the other one says, "Wait here."

We don't like either of those signs, do we? We want to keep moving so we can quickly arrive at our destination. But God is all-knowing; He sees when rushing would land us on our face. He is also a God of purpose - He knows what He wants to accomplish in our lives, so He erects a sign that says, "Wait." If we are wise, we will keep pace with Him, not lagging behind, but not taking five steps in place of the three He sanctions.

Abram again provides the illustration, only this time, He demonstrates what not to do. When famine threatened the land, he took matters into his own hands and journeyed to Egypt without consulting God. Though he rightly assumed Pharaoh would want his beautiful wife in the royal harem, Abram willingly took the risk of never seeing her again. Then to save his own life, he had Sarai say she was his sister, not his wife.

Even a person of faith (Hebrews 11:8) can resort to the "flesh" and respond from old thought patterns. It is absolutely essential that we wait for the Lord. Even if we don't understand His purpose or ways, that is no excuse to run ahead of the Lord and proceed our own way. What situation is tempting you to run ahead of Him? Have patience. God is never late.

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