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In Touch 12-01-04

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Wednesday December 1, 2004
The Thrill of Obedience
Isaiah 50:4-10

Believers sometimes approach obedience as a way to avoid the negative consequences of disobedience. When this is the case, then obedience becomes a heavy burden. But God intended that our walk of faith be a thrilling adventure, motivated by our love for Jesus Christ and our desire to please Him. Obedience is about discovering God, not about avoiding consequences.

The reason we equate doing God's will with burden is that we tend to think of all the weighty decisions we might need to make. Yet, our obedience in the small matters of life prepares us for the big issues. When we put our trust in the omnipotence of God and act on His prompting, life becomes exciting. We need not be fearful because God already knows the outcome of our obedience - and we can trust in His promise that He does everything for our good. (Romans 8:28)

We know that if we take one step in obedience, we will then be asked to take another. That is why walking in faith is so thrilling - because each step is leading to a fantastic blessing from Almighty God. Though we sometimes think the situations He works through are unrelated, God continuously moves us through a variety of circumstances toward His great purpose for our life. When we back off from obedience even once for the sake of safety, we deprive God of the opportunity to demonstrate His awesome power in us.  Small decisions may seem insignificant, but they lead us toward a lifetime of walking with the Lord. What is your next step of obedience?


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