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In Touch 12-16-04

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Thursday December 16, 2004
Maintaining the Spirit-Filled Life
Galatians 5:16-18

Have you taken the BIG STEP yet? Have you surrendered your life and all that is important to you to the Lord? If the answer is yes, you are on your way to a Spirit-filled life. If your submission to the Lord's authority occurred in the distant past, then take time now to recommit yourself to living a life of total dependence on Him.

Once we have taken the step of submission, how do we remain under the Spirit's control? Our biggest obstacle is sin. No surprise there. But did you realize that our relationship to sin has changed and that it no longer has mastery over us? This is fact, regardless of what our experience has been.

Scripture commands us to regard ourselves as dead to sin. (Romans 6:11) Christians who are Spirit-controlled will see themselves as God does - rescued from sin's enslaving force and under God's protective power. We will believe that in Christ, we can resist temptation and refuse to give in to it. As we embrace the Spirit's authority over us, we will become free of our bad habits and ungodly ways. It may take a while, but if we persevere in remaining yielded to Him, we can win that battle.

Through Christ, God has given us the freedom to choose godliness. The Holy Spirit desires to produce the fruit of self-control in us and will give us the divine power to exercise restraint. When we do, God is pleased.

When was the last time you said no to sin? Thank God for His Spirit, who enabled you to do it.


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