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In Touch 4-11-05

  • 2005 Apr 11

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Monday April 11, 2005

The Privilege of Knowing God

Philippians 3:7-11

While we meet a tremendous number of people in our lifetime, we feel particularly privileged to know certain individuals, such as a godly role model, a childhood hero, or someone who was there to help in time of need. Still, as wonderful as it is to have these distinctive people in our life, the greatest privilege of all is to know God. Even knowing the most exceptional people can never bring us the joy and contentment for which we yearn. And yet, we often chase after worldly acceptance because we forget the treasure of truly knowing the living God.


Often, people “get saved” and stay satisfied with this first step—they know a few facts about God, and that’s enough for them. Then when they are asked the question, “Do you know God?” most will say that they do. But there’s a vast difference between knowing facts about God and personally relating to Him. In reality, we are progressively getting to know Him—learning who He is and what’s important to Him.


When people go through life depending upon themselves, they never really know God—He will reveal Himself not to a heart that’s proud and arrogant, but to one that is honest and transparent. It is in our brokenness and helplessness that we discover who God is.


Do you have a genuine hunger in your heart to know the Lord? If so, ask Him, “Who are You? What are You like?” Then open yourself to Him, not for His sake—He already knows you perfectly—but for your own sake. By spending time with Him, you will discover you are privileged indeed.



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