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In Touch - Apr. 13, 2009

April 13, 2009
What a Name! 

Hebrews 1

The name Jesus conveys different things to different people. Depending on the individual, it can mean an historical figure, a good teacher, a prophet, or a curse word. Yet to many throughout the world, that name is synonymous with “Lord and Savior.”

What is it about that name? Why do some respond in praise and worship while others react in profanity and anger? The answer is that Jesus isn’t simply a person; He’s an issue. And our response to who He is determines not only our way of life, but also our eternal destiny.

The name of Jesus Christ represents all He is and all He does. Scripture identifies Him as the Son of God, equal to the Father in character and attributes: He is eternal, all-powerful, sovereign, and ever-present. The Bible also says He is the Creator and Sustainer of all things (Col. 1:16).

Jesus came to earth as the God-man for the purpose of saving mankind. Because He lived a perfect life, Christ is the only person in history who is qualified to pay the penalty for someone else’s sin. He secured our forgiveness and offers us the gift of salvation on the basis of faith.

One day Christ will sit as mankind’s ultimate, final judge. Those who have accepted His payment for their sins will live with Him forever.

Have you chosen to receive Christ’s offer of salvation? A transformed life now and an eternal kingdom in heaven await all who call Him Savior and King. If you’ve never made the wise decision to accept His free gift, why not do so now? Then rejoice in the fact that Jesus will return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

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