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In Touch - Apr. 15, 2009

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April 15, 2009
Praying in God’s Will 

Colossians 1:10-14

Paul fervently desired that the body of Christ—individually and corporately—become spiritually mature. Knowing that such growth impact the world as the Lord had planned, the apostle asked that we as believers would know His will and then . . .

Live a godly life (v. 10a). Paul prayed for our character, conversation, and conduct to be consistent with the Savior’s. Since Christians are His representatives, their lives are to be an extension of His—with eyes that look compassionately at others, hands that offer forgiveness and love, and feet engaged in service. A believer’s character, while imperfect, should increasingly reflect His righteousness.

Make our life count (v. 10b). In God’s eyes, not everything we do is fruitful—much of our activity stems from a desire to please self or others. But all that matters is what’s done in obedience to our Father. Jesus spoke about the importance of bearing much fruit, which is possible only when we stay connected with Him (John 15:5).

Experience God’s power (v. 11). Through the Holy Spirit’s presence, we have all we need to do our Father’s will.

Remain committed and grateful (v. 12).  God answers according to His perfect timing. We must be steadfast in prayer and grateful for everything He’s already done.

Whether we pray these verses for ourselves or for others, we can know that our petitions are in accordance with the Lord’s will. And 1 John 5:14-15 tells us that praying  in this way carries the wonderful assurance that God is going to respond affirmatively. 

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