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In Touch - Apr. 2, 2009

April 2, 2009
A Nation’s Need 

2 Chronicles 7:11-22

If you received a call that someone you loved was stricken with a serious illness, you would not whisper a quick, “Bless her, Lord” and move on. No! You would fall to your knees—heart heavy in your chest—pleading with God to restore her health. We should respond similarly when our country’s “health” is compromised: we should pray as fervently for our land and her leaders as we would for a dangerously ill friend.

King Solomon was warned of the peril to his nation if the people ceased honoring the Lord. God explained what Israel was to do in such a state of turmoil. First, the people were to humbly admit their need for the Lord’s intervention. Second, they were expected to cry out to Him from hearts burdened for the country’s situation. And third, those seeking a renewal of God’s blessing upon Israel were to undergo a time of personal confession and repentance.

The Lord’s word to Israel contains principles that are also relevant for us in modern times. “Those who are called by His name”—in other words, the body of believers—have a duty to intercede on behalf of their country when it is ailing. Christians who want God to hear prayers, forgive national sins, and heal their homeland are wise to follow the steps He laid out to Solomon.

Your nation needs your prayers. As you become aware of unhealthy trends and decisions, start with a personal heart cleansing: confess and repent of any known sin (1 John 1:9). Then cry out to our heavenly Father for the return of a vibrant, God-fearing culture.

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