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In Touch - Apr. 25-26, 2009

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April 25-26, 2009
A City on a Hill 

Matthew 15:13-16

Reality television has become popular in recent years. On this type of show, the world is invited to watch as people go about their daily lives while participating in staged situations. While we may not run into as much drama or glamour, our lives are similar, in that people are observing what we do.

Jesus likened believers’ lives to a city on a hill, which cannot be hidden (Matt. 5:14). When others watch us, they ought to see reflections of Christ—which means we must let the Holy Spirit express His life through us.

First, we need to realize that God’s goal is for us to become more like Him. Second, we are to read Scripture daily, because we get to know the Father better through His Word, and then our lives will more clearly reflect Him to others. Third, we should review how the Lord has worked in the past. Noting His faithfulness strengthens our trust and enables us to help others in similar situations.

The fourth step may seem unsettling, but it is wise advice: Be prepared and willing to suffer. God uses difficult times to draw His children close to Himself. So if you are facing painful circumstances, know that He has allowed them for your growth, His glory, and encouragement to others. Recognizing this will help you surrender your will and desires to His plan. As you do, He will build a beautiful message into your life.

Think about both your public life and your private life. Are both glorifying to the Lord? Allow God’s light to penetrate any “darkness” in your thoughts, words, or deeds. Then others may be drawn to the Father by what they observe  in you (v. 16). 

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