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In Touch - Apr. 27, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

April 27, 2007 – Pursuing God – Psalm 63:1-8 

            We can deepen our relationship with God through discovering His character and His will for our lives. This is achieved in several ways. Each way, while familiar, represents an important discipline in pursuing the Lord. 

            Meditation is an excellent way to build our relationship with God. It involves reading a Bible passage several times with the purpose of hearing from the Lord. Then, as we maintain intense concentration, the Holy Spirit communicates through the verses. 

Studying the Scriptures allows us to draw from many passages to gain a broader, deeper understanding of God’s character, plans, and promises. We benefit by asking ourselves questions such as, What does this passage reveal about His nature? Or, Is there a divine promise to remember? A command to obey? An example to follow? 

            Prayer is another key spiritual discipline. It must be the foundation for meditation and study. Encountering God requires both a listening ear and receptive heart. 

            Recognizing how God operates in our lives and circumstances helps us desire to pursue Him. Dr. Stanley’s grandfather told him how the Lord worked in his own life. That testimony created in Dr. Stanley a deep, unshakeable hunger to seek God. He wanted the Lord to work in his life the way He had in his grandfather’s. 

            If you want to know if you’re truly seeking God, ask yourself these three questions: First, are you learning more about Him and His desires for your life? Second, do you feel like the day isn’t complete without fellowship with Him? And, third, do you find yourself trusting Him more and leaving behind ungodly habits? If you can answer “yes” to those three questions, then you understand the importance of seeking after the Lord.


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