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In Touch - Apr. 28, 2008

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

April 28, 2008 - God Bless You! - Genesis 12:1-4 

Welcome to the In Touch Devotional.

“God bless you!” We hear that all the time from the pastor’s benediction in worship to a simple courtesy when someone sneezes. We hear wishes of God’s blessing so often that we don’t even stop to consider what the phrase means.

Let’s break away from the expression and discover what it truly means to be blessed by the Lord. In Genesis chapter 12, God’s commission of Abram shows His wonderful promise to make the man into a great nation and give him a enduring name. More than that, God extends His blessing to those close to Abram. He ultimately takes it to a global scale. God pledged to bless the entire world by what He is doing in this one person’s life.

When the Lord speaks about blessing someone, it’s a promise to intervene in that individual’s life in a mighty, obvious way. This could mean a happy family or financial prosperity. Maybe it involves emotional security or spiritual insight. The heavenly Father might have in mind to give honor, wisdom, or lasting purpose. We see every one of these things in God’s pledge to Abram alone!

But let’s not overlook two important conditions for the Lord’s favor. From Abram’s life from Genesis 12, 15 and 22, we see God values obedience and faith. God wants to bring abundance into your life. Be sure His blessing isn’t being hindered.

Ask yourself this, am I trusting Him? Have I ignored something He’s asked me to do? Give in to His call. Open your arms to receive what your Father longs to give you.



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