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In Touch - April 21, 2006

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday April 21, 2006

Believing God Is in Every Situation

Romans 8:28-29


God has promised that every believer is encircled with His presence (Psalms 34:7). He assures us that even the hardest parts of life will be woven into His plan and that nothing can touch our lives without His permission. That’s good news.


We have many questions about the Lord’s presence in everything. For example:


• Does God cause people to sin? God never initiates sin, nor does He lure us to transgress. His purposes are to rescue us from sin’s power (Colossians 1:13) and transform us into Jesus’ likeness (Romans 8:29).


• How can God use our sin for good? He will utilize the times we fall to reveal to us our true nature — our weaknesses, faults, and pride. His Spirit will convict us of wrongdoing and lead us to true repentance. Furthermore, He will teach us the consequences of disobedience and the wonders of His forgiving nature.


• Is God present in the lives of those not in His family? God is involved with unbelievers,but in a different way, continually extendingHis love to them in order to convict them of sinand their need for a Savior. However, He doesnot ignore their rebellion (Romans 1:18-25).


Jesus, who was without sin, suffered inmany ways during His earthly life — becauseof others’ failures, spiritual rebellion, andignorance. God was present in every aspect,using all of it for our good and His glory.


The Holy Spirit is willing to teach us more about this important topic. Will you come to the Scriptures with an open mind, willing to align your thinking with God’s truth?


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