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In Touch - April 30, 2005

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday April 30, 2005
Walking with God

Genesis 6:1-13

Scripture records that Noah was a man who walked with God. Noah's relationship with God permeated his whole life, as was evidenced by his deliberate, faith-filled acts of obedience.

Walking in the light with God requires:


Reconciliation to God. Scripture describes mankind as spiritually dead from birth and, therefore, unable to have a personal relationship with God. Upon salvation, we become spiritually alive and are reconciled to Him.


Trust. One of the cornerstones of any relationship is trust; without it, there can be no intimacy. Faith grows as we get to know our Lord. The Bible is our main resource—from it, we learn about God's character, His priorities, and how He feels about us.


Being in Agreement.There are several things about which we are to agree with God. These include: sin is destructive and does not fit who we are; Jesus, the Son of God, has charge of our life; God's character is perfect and His Word is true; God's priorities are to be ours, and His orders are to be obeyed; and without unity, we will find ourselves moving away from Him.


Fellowship with God.God wants to listen to us, and He has much to tell us too. Time is a primary ingredient of communion with our Savior. Giving Him our undivided attention is another important aspect of fellowship.

Reconciliation, trust, agreement, and fellowship are four of the keys to remaining close to the Lord. We cannot move forward without reconciliation, and the other three stabilize our spiritual life. So, how steady is your walk?

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