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In Touch - Aug. 11, 2008

  • 2008 Aug 11

August 11, 2008 
Godly Servanthood 
John 13:13-16

When you hear the word “servant,” does anybody immediately spring to mind? Perhaps you recall an extraordinarily helpful salesman or that wonderful woman at church who always takes care of every detail.

Godly servants are all around us, but sadly, we frequently take them for granted. This is a tragedy we need to correct—not only for their sakes, but for our own. You see, I firmly believe that the faithful service of righteous men and women will bring untold blessings to those whom they serve.

For instance, Joseph’s story reveals a consistent thread: Wherever he was, the people he served prospered. Potiphar was certainly not a God-fearing man, yet even he recognized that prosperity came to him because of his slave. A second Old Testament illustration is Daniel, whose service to Babylonian kings included interpreting visions (Dan. 2, 4, 5).

In both examples, the leaders were blessed by their servants’ actions. More than that, they came away with an awareness of the living God. And they also participated in the young men’s success by offering them increased responsibilities and greater opportunities to serve (Gen. 39:1-6; Dan. 2:46-48; 5:29). 

Find the people in your life who have the gift of godly service. Spend time with them, serving and working together forGod’s glory. If you turn your nose up at someone doing “servant’s work,” you’ll only cut yourself off from a relationship that could literally change your life. Instead, run toward these people, stand beside them, and ask, “How can I participate in your service?”



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