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In Touch - August 6, 2005

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday August 6, 2005
An Invitation to Intimacy
Genesis 12:1-8

God does not play favorites. But in order to accomplish His perfect will, He makes divine choices, such as inviting believers to have a close relationship with Him. To build this intimacy requires:


Commitment — God pledged that He would make Abraham into a great nation. He asked the future patriarch to demonstrate his allegiance by obeying the divine command to leave his home for an unknown land. The Lord's commitment to us is clear. He rescued us from sin through His Son Jesus, sent the Holy Spirit to live within us, and promised us eternal life. Our pledge is obedience in both inner attitude and outward action.


Clear communication — To develop an intimate bond, two people will express deep thoughts and feelings, and will also listen carefully to the other's words. God speaks to us through Scripture about Himself and His plans, and He also stands ready to listen (Psalms 10:17). The time we spend praying and meditating on Scripture reveals our commitment to communication, which includes listening, speaking, and understanding.


Openness — God speaks honestly about who we are, the condition of the world, and the only solution: Jesus Christ. He willingly tells us the difficult truths about ourselves, but also encourages and affirms us in our efforts to follow Him. Our part is to be honest with Him about our thinking, actions, and emotions.


Salvation is only the first step of life in Christ (John 3:16). Have you accepted the invitation to intimacy with God?

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