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In Touch - December 12, 2005

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Monday December 12, 2005

The Gift of Teaching

TITUS 2:1-6


God has given each believer at least one spiritual gift to build up the body of Christ and to minister in our hurting world. If our gift is prophecy, we’ll proclaim God’s view of right and wrong. If it is service, we will desire to meet others’ needs. The gift of teaching has these characteristics:


Organized. Whether in conversation or in a more formal setting, we will seek to communicate information clearly so the listener can follow. God has wired us to analyze material and present it logically.


Thorough. We want others to understand not simply the conclusion but the steps leading up to it. We also desire to help them think matters through.


Accurate. Our priority is to know the truth, so we ask questions in an attempt to validate the accuracy of what we learn. We will also inquire about the trustworthiness of our source of information.


Studious. We derive great delight from studying and researching and are strongly motivated to share what we learn. Truth is presented not simply to share knowledge but with the goal that God will transform the hearer’s life.


Bible-oriented. With this gift comes a strong desire to know what the Lord has to say. While we may recognize the value of others’ experiences, reading about them is not our main concern. Nor are we especially motivated by personal illustrations.


All of the spiritual gifts can be used in the workplace, in our communities, and in our homes. Allow the Spirit to direct your teaching ability for God’s glory and others’ gain.

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