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In Touch - December 27, 2005

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Tuesday December 27, 2005

Giving — A Gift of the Spirit

Luke 6:27-38


Incorrect assumptions about attitudes and motives can cause isunderstandings in the body of Christ. If we have the gift of giving, some may mistakenly see us as:


1. Materialistic. Some people consider us preoccupied with financial matters. Because our nature is to be careful with resources — few or many — we can spend a lot of time thinking about their best use.


2. Controlling. Our sizable donations can be misinterpreted as a quest for power. Yet our genuine desire is to increase effectiveness in ministry, not run it.


3. High-pressure. Some believers cite a lack of funds as their reason for not tithing or giving generously. With this kind of focus, they misunderstand our attempts to have them join us in giving. We want them to learn the principle of giving and receiving (Luke 6:38) so they can share in our delight as God multiplies our gifts.


4. Selfish. When we resist forceful appeals, some people will misconstrue our reluctance as selfishness. If we are blessed with wealth, our frugality can also appear miserly. The Lord directs our giving, and we don’t want to waste any assets.


As with the other gifts, heart attitude impacts behavior. If we are walking closely with the Lord, we will be resourceful, thrifty, and contented people. However, living according to natural desires will lead to extravagance, wastefulness, and dissatisfaction; hasty actions replace caution.


Whether or not we have the actual gift of giving, let’s commit to keeping in step with the Spirit and becoming cheerful givers (2 Corinthians 9:7).

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