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In Touch - Feb. 23, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

February 23, 2007 – Shining Light in Our Circle of InfluenceJohn 12:35-36  

Welcome to the In Touch devotional. Jesus was the “Light of the World,” and He commanded His followers to be light, as well. We're to shine with a godly brightness in hopes that people will be drawn to the One who dwells within us.

Light shines most effectively when it is not hidden. As Christians, we are to be transparent about our faith and our dependence on the Lord. Light is also brightest when its cover is kept clean. People are quick to spot hypocrisy, so our private actions must match who we are in public. Eliminating sinful habits and practices will brighten our testimony for Jesus.

Light also reveals the hidden darkness. The Holy Spirit will use our actions to shine biblical truth into others’ lives and to reveal their need for the Savior. Their initial reaction may be discomfort or even guilt. But, as the Spirit moves, they will be drawn to the light you display.

Light also serves to guide and to warn. As we obey God’s leading, we'll be equipped to help others understand some key truths: their sinful state, their need for a Savior; and how to reconcile with God through Jesus Christ. We will also function as lanterns to warn people of the dangers along the path they’re taking.

Finally, our interactions are to bring warmth through an encouraging attitude and servant-like actions. To make a strong impact, we must reflect the light of God’s Son. Growing in Christlikeness is the key. Become intentional about shining your light in your circle of influence--namely, your home, workplace, and community.



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