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In Touch - February 16, 2006

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Thursday February 16, 2006

Fueling a Passion for Christ

2 Peter 1:1-4


Studying God’s Word is the essential first step to developing zeal for Christ — we must

understand His ways and promises before we can fall deeply in love with Him. While the Bible creates the first spark of passion, we must continue to add fuel. Believers described as “on fire” for the Lord practice several principles.


Like any loving relationship, our intimacy with Jesus requires that we give Him our time. These quiet moments are meant for worship or meditation instead of working through a request list. Too often we Christians stretch out our hands, but not our hearts — we rather know Him as the One who answers prayer instead of loving Him for Himself. To achieve a true friendship, we must talk with Christ as our Friend and listen for Him to speak.


Passionate believers also seek evidence of Christ’s work in everyday circumstances. He assures us of direction and provision. If we are on the lookout, we will witness the promise in action. Sometimes events seem too random or tragic to yield good, but continued scriptural study, prayer, and patience often reveal God’s greater purpose. We are wise to record the Lord’s work as we see events unfold. When our faith falters, a written testimony outlining His daily divine management of earthly affairs encourages us to trust and obey.


Fueling passion for Jesus is not a one-day affair but rather a lifetime pursuit — one that believers cannot undertake without laying aside everything that competes with Christ-centered devotion. Fueling a passion for Christ brings the believer

rewards as nothing else can.


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