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In Touch - Jan. 20, 2009

January 20, 2009
The Supremacy of Scripture

2 Timothy 3:13-17

Almost every sermon I preach contains an exhortation to read the Bible daily and to carry it to church on Sunday. I repeat that advice because scriptural knowledge is vitally important. You cannot adequately defend the faith unless you know God’s Word.

False teachers will use faulty interpretation and half-truths to lure believers to their way of thinking. The prime targets are Christians with no firsthand knowledge of Scripture—men and woman who listen to sermons but do not study for themselves. According to Jesus’ explanation of His seed parable, these are people without roots (Luke 8:13). In contrast, the seeds in good soil hold fast to the Word (v. 15). A believer’s roots must be sunk so deeply into Scripture that no false ideology can squeeze through. In spite of the world’s claims, truth is not a matter of interpretation.

Believers have a responsibility to guard against error. In fact, John went so far as to encourage his flock to shut out anyone who preached a message different from Christ’s (2 John 10). He saw no need to greet deceitful teachers. Note his advice, all you who think good manners require listening to misguided religious people at your door. It’s appropriate not to be their audience. Your task is to hold fast to God’s truth.

Deception will reach your ears from many sources. You must be able to identify falsehood quickly to prevent error from taking root and strangling your growing faith. Study biblical principles so that you can confidently proclaim, “I know the truth because I have read it for myself.”



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