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In Touch - Jan. 24-25, 2009

Weekend January 24-25
Our Riches in Christ

Romans 8:28-30

Yesterday we began looking at the riches of grace that are ours in Christ. As we did, we began to see how truly wealthy we are. We have been chosen, redeemed, justified, united with God, and made citizens of heaven. But there is even more to include on our list.

Jesus told the disciples that His departure  would actually benefit His followers—then He could send the third member of the Trinity to indwell each believer (John 16:7). Upon salvation, we are given the Holy Spirit, who seals us as God’s child, comforts us in our pain, and teaches us how to live righteous lives.

Through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, we are becoming increasingly like Jesus, which is another blessing from the Lord. His Spirit transforms us from the inside out and produces godly fruit in our life (Gal. 5:22-23). He also empowers us to choose righteous living and break unholy habits.

Another amazing blessing for Christians is access to the throne of grace. At any time, we can enter into God’s presence through prayer and worship. Resurrection and glorification are two other treasures for the child of God. Just as the Savior’s body was resurrected, our bodies will likewise be raised; in heaven, they will be made perfect, and we will be free from sin’s presence forever.

Our wealth in Christ far surpasses anything this world offers. Don’t let yourself be seduced by earthly thinking which values comfort and pleasure above all else. Instead, treasure who you are in Christ and what you have been given. When you do, peace and contentment will become yours. 



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