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In Touch - Jan. 30, 2008

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

January 30, 2008 – Our Source of Hope Titus 2:11-14

            People have many different opinions about who goes to heaven. Some believe ethical behavior and moral character bring automatic acceptance by God. Others, while acknowledging they have bad habits and behavior, claim a self-improvement plan will gain them admission. A third group assumes they’ll be disqualified from heaven because of poor choices that deeply hurt others. 

            None of this thinking lines up with the Bible. Scripture tells us that character and deeds do not determine our eternal state. Rather, the barrier between us and holy God is our sinful nature. Romans 5:12 teaches that Adam and Eve’s sin caused all mankind to begin physical life dead to spiritual things and under a sentence of judgment. No amount of good works or moral behavior can change our unholy nature. Nor do bad choices make our nature worse. 

            Without direct help from the Lord, we would be a people without hope—we’d find the entrance to heaven closed and would face an eternity of separation from God. But the Father had a plan to deal with our corrupt nature so we could live with Him forever. He sent His Son as our willing substitute: Jesus took our sins on Himself and received the punishment we deserved. What we were helpless to do, Christ accomplished for us. Through faith in Him, we have assurance that we will live in God’s presence forever. 

            Knowing we are heavenbound gives hope and meaning to our lives. Let’s tell others about Jesus, the source of our hope.



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