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In Touch - July 10, 2005

  • 2005 Jul 10

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Sunday July 10, 2005

Building Lasting Friendships

1 Samuel 18:1


God created us to have fellowship, relationship, companionship, and friendship with one another. We learn over three chapters of 1 Samuel what it meant for David to have an intimate relationship with a trusted friend.


What are the makings of a good, intimate friend? Author Cynthia Heald explains:


"Intimacy connotes familiarity and closeness. It involves our deepest nature, and is marked by a warm friendship developed through long association. In order for us to become intimate with another, we must find in him a true confidant—one to whom we can safely confide our secrets.


"What are the characteristics of such a true friend? Most of us look for someone we respect as wise and just, who we can trust implicitly, with whom we feel safe and secure, and who will respond to us, help us in the right way, and be available whenever we want to share. True confidants are rare, and fortunate are those who have one."


While Jesus Christ certainly fits all of these criteria for believers, God has blessed us with a desire to foster relationships with other people. This requires a mutual respect for one another, an emotional love for one another, and a genuine commitment to each other. Jesus had 12 disciples and then an even more intimate circle of friends. They were a benefit not only for His time but for eternity.


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