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In Touch - July 12-13, 2008

July 12-13, 2008, The weekend  -  Our Purpose in God’s Plan  - 1 Peter 4:9-11

God doesn’t need the help of any man or woman to accomplish His purposes. However, He has chosen to spread the gospel by means of His children. As one person tells another the good news of Jesus Christ, the story of hope and love spreads around the globe.

Consider each modern Christian is a spiritual descendant of the original disciples. Those men spent several years with Jesus. After His ascension, they preached what they’d learned from Him to anyone who’d listen. They also offered a helping hand where needed.

The grace and mercy demonstrated in word and action had a ripple effect. It spread outward from those first followers of Christ. It went across distance and time to hundreds, then thousands and even billions of individuals around the world.

But some people still have never heard Jesus loves them and died for their sins. This is why we’re called to serve family, friends, and neighbors. Loved ones see God’s grace lived out when we offer a helping hand, share the gospel, or lift them up in prayer.

To deny this call is to sin against the Lord. Our purpose is to serve God. The primary way we do that is by caring for those around us.

We can offer God many reasons for not serving Him such as weakness, inadequacy, and fear. But no excuse changes the mandate of Scripture. We are the Lord’s feet, hands, and voice on earth. We go where He wills. We help those in need. We tell all about the love of Jesus.



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